Commercial Products

Q2 Technology

The Q2 equipment provides a quick and precise measurement of the oxygen consumption of each individual seed. The Q2 technology can give insight into the germination speed and uniformity of a specific seed-lot. Q2 tests are non-destructive, which allows for further testing of the seeds in more conventional ways.


Identity preservation is an important step in the prevention of counterfeiting. ASTEC has perfected and now offers a totally new and unique range of products designed to protect your seeds.

Seed Analyser

Assesment in ripeness of seeds with Seedanalyser. Dutch seed companies have a very large market share in the total worldwide export of seeds. The quality standard of the seeds they provide is extremely high. The breeds are unique and the seeds from the multi-plication must be of high quality, homogeneous, free of disease and of contamination by weed seeds. The germination percentage and germ strength are also highly important quality properties.

Seed Encrusting & Pelleting

ASTEC has successfully supplied the market with commercial pelleting and encrusting services for 10 years.

Seed Coating

Pesticides and fungicides have been used for a long time. ASTEC has incorporated these products into a thin film coating, which is applied to the seeds. This coating can greatly improve the overall performance of the seed, while reducing the amount of active ingredient (per square meter) needed for efficiency.

Seed Enhancements

ASTEC's research facilities are constantly developing new technologies that allow seed to germinate more quickly, grow higher and more uniformly in the field with reduced dormancy. ASTEC Global has introduced a line of advanced priming technology.

Seed Cleaning & Upgrading

The first step in seed cleaning begins after the seed has been harvested. Various foreign substances such as: sticks, stones, see from other crops, weed seed and so on, may be introduced into the seed lot before and during harvesting. Also, some seeds may be broken depending on the harvesting system used. Weather conditions, as well as methods of seed handling, may result in a moisture content that is higher than optimal for the seed lot.

Verdict Logging Transport

Verdict Logging Transport (VLT) gives you optimum insight in the conditions your products were subjected to during transportation. Verdict tells you what the temperature and humidity has been during transport and for how long your products have been subjected to these conditions. As soon as the product arrives at your customers you are automatically informed, whether your shipment has gone wrong or right. If the shipment went wrong, you know exactly where, when and for how long. This gives you the opportunity to take adequate steps to prevent further damage or collateral damage to your product. Verdict Logging Transport is an efficient product to analyze your Cold Chain and it gives you the opportunity to optimize and improve your Cold Chain. Verdict makes the Cold Chain transparent for you as well as your partners, customers and suppliers and is therefore a necessary tool in quality control for your logistics manager.