Seed Coating

Cost reduction vs field applications

Combination of pesticides can be applied in one application to the seeds

Pesticide molecules are close to the plant-roots which improves efficiency

Less environmental impact

No dust; chemicals stay on the seeds

Safer handling for farm workers

The advantage to the environment is huge compared to traditional field applications; the chemical load of these toxins on the environment has been reduced to almost nothing. Additionally, some of these products are toxic to humans, and inserting them in a protective layer improves working conditions for the people who handle the seed daily, in addition to keeping the chemical from rubbing off too easily. Also, adding color provides additional visual protection against human or animal consumption of seed that has been treated. These factors have significantly influenced and increased the use of coating technologies. Film coating treatments are rapidly replacing traditional dusting and slurry treatments.

Turbo Coat is a coating that can be added in different systems and in various densities.

Turbo Clear is a clear coat, especially designed for a cost effective replacement of dusting and slurry treatments.

Custom coating, encrusting and pelleting can be done from our production sites in the United States and the Rep. of South Africa. To check which products can be produced from those operational units click on ASTEC RSA or ASTEC US. In case you want to purchase materials or equipment for in house coating, encrustings or pelleting contact Freek Schreurs for technical support.

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