Pre-Commercial Products

Precommercial products have passed the proof of concept and are in an upscaling phase. Target of this up scaling phase is to control the reproducibility of the ASTEC product at a larger scale and on various different seed types and seed-lots.

Marker Program

marker program

Recognition of your plants in the field

Just one marker will not serve the need of the worldwide seed industry. More markers, specific markers, personal markers or markers for a special purpose or seed-type are needed.Astec has a marker program to cover all those needs.With ASTEC you will find various marker products & developments. Some products are commercial others are in the pre-commercial phase. Some are still in the proof concept phase.

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Priming Program


Germination under sub optimal conditions

Various priming techniques have been developed and tested under field-conditions. Often a combination of different priming techniques are used. The aim is to adjust the optimal priming technique for the each specific seedtype.

Currently, there are 3 main ASTEC priming products available:

  1. Gentle-Prime
  2. Safe-Prime
  3. Opti-Prime

Pelleting & Coating Program


The most economical solution is available

Since 15 years has ASTEC supplied the seedmarket with commercial pellets and seed coatings. ASTEC does ongoing development on pelleting technologies in different geographical areas and seed-types. Incorporation of pesticides in coatings and pelleting will be more and more important in the future. ASTEC has a special coating & and pelleting program for Seed Applied Pesticide application.Nanotechnologies are in development to optimize some of the Seed Applied Crop Protection products.

Release on Command Program


Crop protection when you need it

Protection and stimulation of your plant if and when needed. Or as ASTEC defines it, release on command. Pesticides will only be released into the plant or soil when there is a direct threat to the harvest. In the meantime the chemicals are locked up outside of the plant. Therefore phytotoxicity is reduced to the lowest possible level, while maintaining a secure plant protection. Our coating will be able to inform you on pre set time levels. Release on command opens protection opportunities that have not been available before.

Seed Upgrading Program


Always the best out of your seedlot

ASTEC provides state of the art seed cleaning and upgrading to optimize the potential in each seedlot. X-ray and Chlorofyl sorters are part of the tools to separate abnornal seeds. Creating better seed performance for commercial use. Some of the latest techniques developed are Opti-Seed and Opti-Pel.

Seed Drying Program

seed drying

Correct moisture levels with minimum costs

Moisture levels in seeds and pellets play an important role in your seed performance.  ASTEC has started a special seed drying program to use existing drying techniques for optimal moisture levels per seed-type. Besides the existiing drying techniques ASTEC has developed 2 novel drying techniques, which will optimize the drying process and the use of drying equipment.

Q2 Program

Per seedtype a new standard

The Q2 technology is the latest quick and high quality way to test seeds as we enter a new era in seed quality. Measurements are based on oxygen consumption for a single germinating seed. Seed by seed, the Q2 provides deeper and more precise insight into the speed and uniformity of germination for a specific seed-lot. Q2 tests strengthen research and business decisions, alike and Q2 tests are non-destructive (seedlings can be tested further).