Verdict Logging Transport

Several types of dataloggers can be used within the Verdict system, they can measure temperature as well as humidity. The Dataloggers are rugged and small, so they can be used in almost all packages under all circumstances.

The dataloggers are accurate and have a battery live span of up to 10 years depending on how and where they are being used. With the Verdict Software it is possible to set start time, date and the interval time between measurements. Depending on the type of datalogger used a total of 2048, 4096 or 8192 samples can be taken and stored into the dataloggers memory.

For programming the datalogger and uploading data from your logger into your computer you will need a USB Reader and interface cable to connect the datalogger with the computer. With the 1-wire driver installed it is possible to use the Verdict Software on every desktop computer or notebook running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.

Verdict software is available in three versions, Basic, Professional and Corporate. The Basic version uses an Microsoft Acces database and is used as a stand- alone system. The Basic version can not be used to send mission data directly over the internet to your company. The Professional and Corporate versions use the internet, and communicate through port 80 with the Verdict Webservices. The webservice stores the data in a Microsoft SQL database on the webserver.

For the Verdict Professional version there is a user license Professional Client available. The Professional Client can upload data from the logger to the SQL database on the webserver, but the customer is not able to analyze the data.

For the Corporate version there is besides the Corporate Client License also a Corporate Supplier License available. The Corporate Clients provide your Customers and Suppliers with extra information, they can monitor their own shipments and receivings. With the Verdict Manager Web application the administrator can set the rights for each user.

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