South Africa

In order to increase its presence in both local and international markets,South Africa is increasingly experiencing the need to move to higher quality markets such as Europe, Japan and the Americas.

There the cost effectiveness of South African seed producers gives them a competitive advantage, producing world class quality at lower prices.

ASTEC Africa was established in 2002 to support the South African seed market in this evolution towards higher quality.

ASTEC South Africa provides:

Seed cleaning & upgrading

Pelleting & Encrusting

Ultrapellets and Ultra encrustings for different seedtypes

Coating systems

SiCoat 1%, 2.5%, 5%

SiCoat Basic

SiCoat Optimum


ASTEC Africa PTY Ltd

42 Jones Street

Oudtshoorn 6620

South Africa

Tel: +27 44 272 0925

Fax: +27 44 272 8228

For more information:

Freek Schreurs

Director New Business

+34 660 082 636