About Astec Global


ASTEC-Global is an innovative dynamic company specialized in Seed technology .The company has its headquarters in Holland. Production facilities are in the US and in the Republic of South Africa.  R&D centres/rep offices are located in Spain and China.

There are international strategic partnerships and co-operations with Universities, Institutes, commercial companies and private entities.

The company has a strong focus on seed-technology development. This goes from proof of principle, up-scaling of developed technologies and commercialization of it. Through its structure is ASTEC specialized in licensing out technologies and products, delivering turn key solutions on project base, and developing technologies and projects on requests for the Horticultural & Agricultural supply chain.

Astec products and projects are often a combination of high tech Seed technology, Biotechnology and IT. Astec Global has the ability to bridge creatively scientific knowledge towards practical solutions for the seed technology market Worldwide. ASTEC-Global has developed a range of unique technologies adapted to meet the need of the present commercial markets. Proven principles and technologies from various sources are used to develop products for the seed industry.

The company is market driven which means there is a strong selection on innovative opportunities which can be commercialized. Scouting of technical opportunities is an ongoing activity of ASTEC. This goes beyond the Agricultural and Horticultural sector. This unique approach combined with a quick decisive organizational structure makes of ASTEC a preferred technology supplier of many international operating companies.

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