Seed Cleaning & Upgrading

Elimination of  all non seed elements out of the seedlot

Remove broken seeds out of the seedlot

Separate weed-seeds from the required seed-type

Specific weight fractioning

Purity targets

Germination and vigor targets

Seed cleaning interacts with certified quality control lab to measure performance

Use of special equipment

Color sorters

Magnetic separators

Moisture correction

Meet international standards

Increase shelflife

Cleaning services include precleaning, specific weight fractioning, cleaning, debearding, weed-seed removal, broken seed removal etc. Using mechanical operations, inert materials, other crop seed and weed seed can be removed, resulting in a high purity of the seed lot. Specialized equipment such as color sorters and magnetic separators are available.

After cleaning, the quality of the seed lot may remain unsatisfactory in terms of germination and vigor. A seed lot may contain nothing but pure seed, but the quality of those seed can be such that overall germination of the seed lot is low. Some seeds have hairy outer coats that cause the seed to stick together. And other crops can improve in germination if a part of the outer coat is removed.

Upgrading services cater to these situations. Through a combination of specialized mechanical operations, the quality of a seed lot can be increased to set standards, and increase the overall performance of the seed lot. In this way, the seed is ready for a high-end treatment, pelleting and / or coating.

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