May 2009: Advanced Priming Available for European Sugar-Beet Industry

Seed Support, Coating Supply and ASTEC will license sugar beet priming in Europe.

As of now sugar beet seed producers in Europe have the opportunity to use the Primo processes developed by Seed Support (Josep Trias, Bart Smit and Willem van Lith). The patented Primo process is based on a previous priming invention from Coating Supply Inc., of Florida.

ASTEC expects that several producers in Europe will benefit by having in-house priming of the best possible quality. ASTEC has 3 years experience with the Primo process in its own factory in Sheridan, USA.  Seed Support will adjust the process to the needs of each individual customer. ASTEC has the distribution rights for primed sugar beets. In the picture from left to right: Willem van Lith (Seed Support), Antoon Santegoeds (ASTEC Europe) and Josep Trias (Coating Supply).

For more information on priming and other seed technology options from ASTEC contact Antoon Santegoeds.

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