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ASTEC is a global provider of technology for the agricultural and horticultural industry. Customers can rely on the fact that ASTEC has 15 years of experience in the worldwide seed technology market. ASTEC specializes in developing proven as well as new technology, into quality systems for the seed industry. Due to continuous technological development, ASTEC is able to provide support, engineering and customized technology, for in-house operations.

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Q2 Technology

The Q2 equipment provides a quick and precise measurement of the oxygen consumption of each individual seed. The Q2 technology can give insight into the germination speed and uniformity of a specific seed-lot. Q2 tests are non-destructive, which allows for further testing of the seeds in more conventional ways.


Identity preservation is an important step in the prevention of counterfeiting. ASTEC has perfected and now offers a totally new and unique range of products designed to protect your seeds.